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The top contribution level, and the one which brings with it the maximum level of benefits, is our $1000 Inner Circle level. American Voice PAC Inner Circle members are invited to our periodic Inner Circle Summit functions, which will be informal-but-exclusive events at which members will interact with invited political figures and other dignitaries over dinner and drinks. They’ll be a way to meet and evaluate candidates American Voice PAC is considering support for, network with like-minded professionals and share fellowship with patriots like yourself. As a member of our Inner Circle, you’ll also receive two VIP passes to next year’s @large conference.

If you’re able, I challenge you become a Founding Member of American Voice PAC for $500. By joining us at that level, you’ll receive two VIP passes to next year’s @large Conference, which will enable you to meet and interact with some of our well-known speakers and participants at next year’s conference, plus we’ll throw in a personalized DVD of C.L.’s film Runaway Slave.

If you’re not able to join us as a Founding Member, we’ve also created a $100 @large Committee level. By supporting American Voice PAC at that level, you’ll receive an advance ticket to next year’s @large conference and a personalized DVD of Runaway Slave.

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Reverend CL Bryant