About American Voice – Who We Are/Mission

American Voice PAC was founded in the fall of 2013 by a pair of conservative activists Rev. C.L. Bryant, creator of the award-winning 2011 documentary Runaway Slave, and Scott McKay, publisher of the Louisiana conservative website The Hayride. The two had previously worked together in putting on the @large conference, a two-day event featuring and empowering black conservatives involved in the political process, and American Voice PAC was intended to serve as institutional infrastructure for future @large events.

But American Voice PAC is intended for more.

The @large Conference

American Voice PAC will host the @large Conference each summer, with the 2014 event set for July in Baton Rouge, La., as a vehicle to empower a new kind of conservative political candidate. We seek to find conservatives of all races, ages and gender dedicated to the prospect of liberty and empowerment of the American people and to the proposition that in the 21st Century Information Age, it’s time for real communication to the American electorate.

At @large, attendees will  be presented with workshops on a wide range of political topics, from campaign organization and fundraising to how to best message key issues to move the electorate. @large will focus on the impact of technology on politics and how things like social media have democratized a process which used to depend on the deep pockets of a wealthy few.

@large 2014 will have a long and distinguished list of speakers. The first @large conference in 2013 had among its participants Rev. C.L. Bryant, Star Parker, Deneen Borelli, Anita Moncrief, Sen. Elbert Guillory, K. Carl Smith, Rep. Jeff Landry and Ryan Bomberger.

Supporting A New Kind Of Conservative Candidate

At @large, American Voice PAC hopes to identify and expose a new generation of conservative politicians – those who understand that in the 21st century, American governmental institutions must reflect the society they serve. That means bankrupt and inefficient programs like Social Security, Medicare, public education and regulatory bureaucracies must change to reflect the new reality, in which individual choice in the private economy is nearly limitless and consumers can find solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

We hope to find and empower candidates for all levels of political office willing to push for maximum freedom in American life – and for enforcement of American values through a renewed, vibrant and more wholesome American culture. We want to help recalibrate American politics to the Constitutional vision of our Founders, and to beat back the worst elements of the Progressive experiment.

American Voice PAC will engage in advocacy for such candidates, and support them with advertising and messaging.

Furthering The New Conservative Message

American Voice PAC will also engage in issue advocacy through a variety of media. We will promote a constitutional conservatism within the American culture to reach voters not oriented to politics, on an issue-by-issue basis. We will use non-traditional means to influence politics and blunt the effectiveness of the Left’s use of the race card and class warfare. And we will seek to persuade the establishments of both political parties, through the effectiveness of our voice, to change the way they do business and talk to the American people.

We will engage the public on those issues which involve our failed and failing Industrial Age governmental institutions – Progressive and Great Society entitlement programs which damage the character of those they affect, mindless regulatory bureaucracies which waste precious taxpayer dollars and sap our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and coercive political entities which, through their increasing overreach, stifle creative risk-taking and the pursuit of excellence. American Voice PAC won’t just attack those institutions and policies – we will attempt to show the way to a 21st century approach better befitting an information society.

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